Digital Book World Conference + Expo Agenda

Explore 2016’s exciting program and gear up for Digital Book World 2017—returning to the New York Hilton Midtown this upcoming January!


Monday, March 7, 2016

9:00am – 5:00pm Launch Kids
9:00am – 5:00pm Mostly Marketing Masterclasses
9:00am – 5:00pm DBW Workshops
2:00pm – 5:00pm Nielsen: Beyond the Data Basics: Practical Techniques for Solving Key Business Questions
6:00pm Marteting Meet-up at Tanner Smith's, Sponsored by BookBubJoin BookBub at Tanner Smith's - 204 W. 55th Street at 6:00 pm on Monday, March 7 to network with your fellow DBW attendees.  Open Bar will begin at 6:00 pm.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Data + Discovery Transformation Hot Topics Spotlight on Publishing Technology
9:00am Introduction from F+W

Opening, Mike Shatzkin

9:15am Sleeping Through a RevolutionJon Taplin is a film and music business veteran who is a professor of media studies at the University of Southern California. He has a unified theory of content and digital change which he delivers under the heading of "Sleeping Through the Revolution", the core premise of which is that Silicon Valley tech and libertarian values are devaluing content at the alter of digital change.Jon Taplin
9:40am Anti-trust activities in Europe with global implications for the book businessDr. Jessica Sänger of the German trade association Börsenverein will report on two proceedings in Europe that might have global implications.She will describe the complaint from the authorities' point of view and explain the implications of the possible outcomes.ssible outcomes.\.Dr. Jessica Sänger
9:55am Transformation at IngramIngram truly has transformed its businesses while maintaining the core print wholesaling operation which was its original foundation. John Ingram will talk about transformational change while maintaining core activities, a topic that everybody in book publishing needs to know more about.John Ingram
10:15am Morning Break and Exhibit Hall Grand Opening
10:45am SPi Global - Semantic Approach to Build Intelligent Data & Insights to Improve Customer Experience
10:45am Applying Startup & SEO Tactics to Book MarketingRand Fishkin is the co-Founder of MOZ, perhaps the most useful SEO tool on the planet. His blogging delivers some of the most useful information on search available anywhere. Fishkin will deliver a talk from the Main Stage, focused primarily on the two most important current topics for search optimization: local and mobile. Rand Fishkin
11:15am A Transformation Manifesto: Taking Risks, Driving Change, and Imagining the Future of Book Publishing At Rodale, Naples is reimagining how a modern day book publishing division can stay relevant and competitive in an evolving publishing landscape. Naples has leveraged the power of the Rodale brands while also creating new products, platforms, and revenue streams in order to drive the business forward.Mary Ann Naples
11:35am Barnes & Noble: The Perspective of the New Chief Digital OfficerIn this interview session with Mike Shatzkin, B&N's new Chief Digital Officer Fred Argir will discuss the company's plans, including how effective collaboration with publishers will help with this strategic initiative. Fred Argir
12:00pm Lunch & Exhibits
12:55pm – 1:25pm Case Study:Verso Books-A Year After Implementing Our Shiny New Contracts, Rights and Royalties System! (Virtusales)This session will explain why Virtusales made the change and was it worth the time and expense. The other benefits and the next steps of using business Intelligence and analytics will also be discussed.Jacob Stevens, Rodney Elder
1:30pm – 2:20pm SEO Q&A: A conversation with Rand Fishkin About Optimizing for Search and DiscoveryRand Fishkin is the founder of Moz. Moz is perhaps the leading "tool" for understanding search engines and SEO and Fishkin has been a leading thinker and blogger about SEO for years. Fishkin will be available for a 50-minute Q&A session. DBW attendees should bring their questions about optimizing their books and authors; there will never be an opportunity to get them answered with greater authority than in this session.Rand Fishkin, Peter McCarthy (Moderator)
Transformation in Publishing: Wiley Hear from Wiley on how they've transformed their business models. Clay Stobaugh,  Neal Goff (Moderator) Digital AudioA panel that will include OverDrive, the leader in providing ebooks and downloadable audio to the library market, Random House’s Volumes, and at least one other significant provider of audio books, will talk about the growth the market has seen and what the drivers for growth might be in the future.  Dan ZittErica Lazzaro, Troy Juliar, Ralph Lazaro, Sarah Weinman (Moderator)
Production Automation: Strategies, Solutions, SuccessesThis session will be a lively discussion among panelists who develop, use, and in many cases depend on production automation to do their work. This session will be invaluable to anyone responsible for making editorial and production workflows work—and for seeing results on the bottom line.
John Prabhu, Larry Bennett, Chandi Perrera, Lisa Bos, Bill Kasdorf (Moderator)
2:30pm – 3:20pm The Book Buyer's Journey: Understanding the Consumer Path to PurchaseIn this session, expert marketers along with players who track consumer behavior will shed light on what happens "in the funnel" and provide insight into how publishers can provide the right information to the right people at the right time to convert discovery into a purchase.Peter McCarthy, Tom Thompson, Peter Hildick-Smith, Jack Perry (Moderator)

Transformation in Publishing: Quarto & SourcebooksSourcebooks CEO Dominique Raccah will describe how these new businesses have impacted the entire organization and how Sourcebooks is becoming an even more powerful publisher on its own through the new capabilities it has built. Its CEO since 2013, Marcus Leaver, spent the first two years of his tenure after taking over from the company's founder reorganizing the company internally and positioning it for further growth.
Dominique Raccah, Marcus Leaver, David Wilk (Moderator)


Investment Trends in Digital Publishing and Media
This panel of thought leaders have all been on the frontline of disruption and continue to leverage it to transform how digital content is created, delivered and consumed. They are both operators and investors who bring unique perspectives to any discussion of the tech the DBW audience needs to anticipate and understand.
 Frank Rimalovski, David Roland, John Semel,Thomas Kearney, David Joseph (Moderator)
Sales Reporting & Operational Analytics: Do they really make a difference?Former Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Hachette Book Group, Evan Schnittman, will engage leading solutions providers in a lively discussion of how their reporting and analytics services actually benefit their customers.  Topics covered will include: Where does good reporting really add value?  What are the limitations?  How do you act on what’s actionable? Gareth Cuddy, Tyler Ruse, Rodney Elder, Evan Schnittman (Moderator)
3:30pm Afternoon Break and Exhibits
4:00pm – 4:50pm Elastic Ebook Pricing: Pricing in a Changing Ebook MarketplacePublishers are aggressively experimenting with ebook prices, which may be the single most controllable lever publishers have to increase revenue. This panel, where experimenting publishers are joined by players with data about the impact of price in the ebook marketplace, will explore a rapidly evolving world and give us much more complete picture of when higher prices can work, how to take maximum advantage of price promotion, and help us see the future direction of ebook prices and publisher revenues. Nathan Maharaj, Phil Ollila, Dan Lubart (Moderator)
Transformation in Publishing: NetGalley and Diversion BooksStay tuned for more information. Susan Ruszala, Mary Cummings, Carolyn Pittis (Moderator)
Launchpad: New Players, New Platforms, and New Propositions for the Publishing Industry Publishers Launchpad is a forum to highlight new and interesting propositions for the publishing value chain. Hear firsthand from these companies at the digital cutting edge of the book industry. Chang Kim, Chris Sim, Peter Kay, Katie Palenscar, David Joseph (Moderator) Content Protection Strategies: The Pros, Cons, and Tradeoffs from DRM to Anti-PiracyOn this informative panel, we’ll ask representatives from leading providers of different types of content protection solutions to debate their respective approaches.Publishers will gain insight into if, where, and how they should invest in content protection, and how to get the most bang for the buck with the least disruption to their readers’ experience.Devon Weston, Micah Bowers, Huub van de Pol, Bill Rosenblatt (Moderator)
5:00pm Networking Reception and Exhibits


Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Direct Marketing & Sales Changing Realities for Authors Hot Topics
9:00am Understanding Industry DataIn this talk, Cader will explain the different data sources and what they can -- and can't -- tell us about our world. And he will examine some of the common current "understandings": about ebook sales being flat or declining, about the resurgence of print, and about the direction of book and ebook prices, and help us know what the truth is. Michael Cader
9:15am Outside the Data Box: Taking a Fresh Look at Ebook Sales, the Indie-publishing Market, and a Fast-changing Publishing BusinessThis special session puts one of the most intriguing and quietly influential figures to come on the scene in recent years on stage for the first time, and will provide useful insights into important "known unknowns" while also showing how creative data hacks can help expand our understanding of the business. Data Guy, Michael Cader
9:50am The Four HorsemenScott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, has closely studied the "Four Horsemen" of the digital era: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, which are, of course, all companies of great interest in the changing book publishing ecosystem. In this session Galloway will address the overarching strategies of each of these companies. Scott Galloway
10:15am Morning Break and Exhibits
10:15am - 10:45am Case Study: Meta Driven Distribution Rules Drive New Sales and Achieve ROI (LibreDigital)Today’s marketplace calls for the effective use of metadata as a critical enabler of discovery and sales.  Take a closer look at how a more automated asset and metadata delivery system can help you improve sales and capture new global opportunities. Carmen Lamb
The Art and Economics of the Internet: How Digital Has Changed Our Culture and the Way We Buy and Consume ContentIn this talk, Heffernan will look at how the Internet and digital technologies have changed our fundamental relationship with content. Drawing on her years of research, interviews and writing, Heffernan will talk about the impact of Kindle and ebooks on how people read and much more.
Virginia Heffernan
11:05am Antitrust, Tech and Book PublishingAt DBW, Kanter will focus on how book publishers interact with the big tech platforms.  He will explain the current antitrust actions pending against big tech companies and the potential impact on US-based book publishers.Jonathan Kanter
11:25am Women at the Intersection of Publishing, Finance and TechFour women executives from the publishing world who interact often and deeply with the worlds of tech and finance will share their experiences and observations about this loaded subject.Dominique Raccah, Susan Ruszala, Joanna Herman, Katherine McCahill, Charlotte Abbott (Moderator)
12:00pm Lunch & Exhibits
12:15pm – 12:45pm Case Study: Collaborative and Continuous Digital Publishing (SPi Global)In this session, hear from SPi Global on reinventing digital collaboration and content workflows John Prabhu, Kathryn Stewart, Brita Nordin
12:55pm – 1:25pm Case Study: Big Data: Everything You Want to do But Don’t Know How (Vearsa)In this case study, Vearsa founder and CEO Gareth Cuddy sheds light on the new, revolutionary ways that publishers are using data to make critical strategic decisions, save time, and grow their sales.Gareth Cuddy
1:30pm – 2:20pm Inbound and Content MarketingThis session will cover strategies for effective marketing.Rick Burnes, Matthew Thompson, Kate Rados, Andy Hunter, Michael Yeon, Peter Meyers (Moderator) Finding the Talent Today to Build the Great Publishers of TomorrowThis panel of publishing human resources executives will discuss challenges that range from working with management to identify needs, to knowing how to find and recognize high skill levels in the candidates. Andrea Weinzimer, David Bronstein, Brendan Cahill, Michael Mejias, Lorraine Shanley (Moderator) Finding Common Ground: How Publishers and Authors -- Regardless of What Path They're Taking -- Are Working TogetherAt no time in publishing history has there been such a wide array of choices for book publishing available to authors. Hear from an agent, editor, author, and a publisher to see how they make it work.
Jane Friedman, Jane Dystel, Johanna Castillo, Jaime Levine, Julie Trelstad
Q&A with Jonathan Kanter - Implications of Antitrust for PublishersJonathan Kanter will explain anti-trust law and how it might be applied to the large tech companies that dominate the paths to sales and to marketing of books.Jonathan Kanter, Chris Kenneally (Moderator)
2:30pm - 3:00pm Afternoon Break & Exhibits
3:00pm – 3:50pm Email Marketing: How to Build (and use) an Email List that MattersThis session, led by Jim Hanas, Senior Director of Audience Development and Insight at HarperCollins, will bring together publishers who have been gathering and using email names to discuss the strategies and tactics that are effective. Jim Hanas, Jeff Angle, Ricci Wolman, Josh Schanker (Moderator) New Paths for Direct Sales
This session will feature four of those companies -- (recently acquired by Ingram), Hummingbird, Zola Books, and Enthrill -- describing their offerings and the experience so far of publishers and others who are selling books and ebooks directly to their customers.
  Ron Martinez, Stephen Blake Mettee, Joe Regal, Kevin Franco, Robin Warner (Moderator)
What Publishers Need to Know About Copyright: Five Potential Changes to Global Copyright Law and How They Will Impact Your Business
This session, chaired and co-organized by Roy Kaufman, Managing Director, New Ventures at Copyright Clearance Center, will focus on the big changes taking place around the world that should be on the radar screen of US publishers for their own practical commercial concerns. Changes that have already occurred in Canada, proposed new law in Germany, and proposed new exceptions to copyright in the European Union all can have impacts or, at the very least, impart lessons worth taking to heart among US publishers.
 Karyn Temple-Claggett, Erin Finlay, Dr. Jessica Sänger, Roy Kaufman(Moderator)
Q&A with Data Guy Data Guy is going to lay out his methodology and his presentation of data and provide his own interpretation of what it all means. Data Guy