Digital Book World Agenda

DBW 2017 has been reimagined as a unique event for book publishing professionals at all levels who need to get up to date on the latest sales trends, marketing practices, digital technologies, and business strategies.

DBW 2017 will focus on four key tracks that follow the flow of the publishing path: editorial acquisitions and development; production and distribution; marketing and sales; data analysis and reporting.

Editorial Acquisitions + Development

If you are an Editor, Agent, or Author, we have two full days of targeted programming for you.

What's Working in the Market (and What's Not)

Authors & Editors as Business Partners

The Secret Lives of Agents

Hybrid Publishing is Here to Stay

What’s Next for Audiobooks?

When it's Worth it to Create Extra Content & Custom Works

Sales Data Trends for Authors, Editors & Agents


Production + Distribution

If you are in production, distribution or operations, we have two full days of targeted programming for you.

Creating New Workflows that Work

Taking Control of Your Retail Channels

Best Practices for Managing Metadata

Accessibility Master Class

Native Retailing, Global POD & Vendor Managed Inventory

Hierarchical Metadata & Single Source Publishing

10 Simple Tools That Can Make a Big Difference



Marketing + Sales

If you are in marketing or sales, we have two full days of targeted programming for you.

What You Can Do to Start Selling More Books Today

Calculating the ROI on Social Media & Influencer Marketing

How to Find & Reach the Right Audience

Analyzing Your Analytics

5 Things Every Author Should do to Sell More Books

Writing the Best Copy (From Tip Sheet to Google Search)

Facebook Master Class

Data Analysis + Reporting

If you are in finance, operations, or data analysis we have two full days of targeted programming for you.

The Five Most Important Ways to Share Data

Discovery 2.0: Machine Learning, Datamining & Natural Language Processing

Sales Reporting Master class

Identifiers Master Class

Strategies for Envisioning Information

Big Data Update

How to Gather & Use Your Operational Analytics

DBW Indie Author: The First Conference For the New Professional Author

If you are a professional author we have a full day of targeted programming just for you with two tracks to accommodate authors with varying levels of experience. Click here for more information.

The Freedom to Publish: The Sophisticated Ways of Today's Indies

Building Bridges: The Self-Publisher in Today's Industry

Workshops in Author Branding For Intermediate and Advanced Authors

Branding and Readership Development

Yes, It's Working: Meet the Success Stories Who Are Putting It All Together