Audience Research: Tools, Tactics, and Techniques

Peter McCarthy of Logical Marketing will teach the fundamentals, along with some intermediate aspects, of the new skill every publisher is now trying to master: using data and tools to identify and segment audiences for books. He will demonstrate the importance of this discipline and demonstrate on real-life examples how to use a dozen or more tools to make this attainable for practitioners of all skill levels.

As McCarthy will explain, audience research is not just about "book discovery" for a new title coming out. It can be useful to inform acquisitions, metadata creation, publicity targets, and the geographic and demographic bias to advance physical "lay¬downs" and author events. Often, very useful information, or the answer to a specific question, can be gleaned from a very quick check using the right tools. But for big titles or authors with an extensive history reflected in their digital presence, much more extensive research can pay big dividends.

This Masterclass has benefits for editors, production editors, marketers, publicists, and salespeople.