Women at the Intersection of Publishing, Finance and Tech

The reputation of publishing is that it is a female-friendly business, with many women in high-ranking positions across the industry. The reputation of the tech and finance industries is the opposite. The sexism of the tech world was thrust into bold relief last fall when South by Southwest scheduled a panel on the topic, suddenly cancelled it in the face of "threats" from the largely male gamer community, faced potential boycotts, and then rescheduled a full day on the subject, including the original panel.

Is publishing really a woman-friendly field? At all levels? What happens when women executives in the publishing world interact with the cultures of the tech and finance worlds? Are the attitudes in tech and finance inhibiting growth and innovation in publishing? And what are the best ways for women publishing executives to successfully grow their businesses while encouraging equality in all sectors of the business world, as well as helping to grow and develop the female leaders of the future?

Four women executives from the publishing world who interact often and deeply with the worlds of tech and finance will share their experiences and observations about this loaded subject.