How Do Book Sales Stack Up—Genre by Genre?

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The “How Do Book Sales Stack Up—Genre by Genre?” white paper highlights some of the information  from the upcoming DBW, January 17 – 19 in NYC.

If you’re ready to learn more about both the current state and future of digital publishing, DBW is pleased to offer you a complimentary download of “How Do Book Sales Stack Up—Genre by Genre?” This informative white paper has been written by the anonymous Data Guy, data analyst for the Author Earnings site and DBW 2017 speaker.

Read a brief excerpt here, but you’ll want to download now:

“For the first time, we’ve combined public data on print sales in each of Nielsen’s 46 genre categories and subject areas with AuthorEarnings’ data on digital sales and indie sales of 1.5 million best-selling digital titles in the same categories and genres. We can finally take a 360-degree look at US trade sales. At last we can chart which categories and genres of books have gone mostly digital, and which still remain mostly print; which have remained primarily traditionally published, and which have gone mostly “indie.”

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